4 Hair Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

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Four Hair Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

Read on to learn about the hair trends to look out for this season

 Going “all natural” is one of the latest trends for fall.

Hair that flows free and is full of movement will reign this season. Think long, laid-back and easy all around. (Kind of like how we wish our weekends would be, to be honest). Opt for styles like those seen from Dries Van Noten and Isabel Marant. For fall, the famous quote, “less is more” applies. Use The Champ Conditioning Dry Shampoo in combination with the new permanent Thickening Spray for extra body and movement without the crunch.


We saw lots of bold and beautiful headbands on the fall runways – from logo-printed sweatbands at Gucci to full-on tiaras at Dolce & Gabbana – and it’s totally inspiring us. Whether it’s faux fur (MONAT is cruelty-free), crystal-encrusted, sporty or in black leather, find one that enhances your hair without making you look like a preschooler.

Opt for a deep, side part.

A runway staple, side parting was seen everywhere during Autumn/Winter Fashion Week. Try it this fall/winter with straight hair to softly frame the face. A deep, side part coupled with a low bun is the perfect style for your holiday soiree.

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Image Source: stylecaster.com

Consider asking your stylist for “strobing” this season.

According to Style Caster, “hair strobing is when you use dark, medium and light color to create movement in the hair while respecting natural texture. Strobing is about colors dancing and moving just like you would see lights strobing on a screen. And it inspired the strobing makeup trend.”

Most of the time, colorists will straighten curly hair before coloring, but now we are seeing more colorists work with hair in its natural state when applying this hair color technique.

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