Antique patio set, rescued!

I have been looking for a long time for a patio set ‘just like grandmas’. No seriously, my grandma has a set very similar to this one and it is fabulous.  I have to say, along with the classic lines that 50’s and 60’s furniture offers, which I love…is the fact, it is so well made.  This stuff is bulletproof, or kid/husband proof, which has to be more durable;)



When I saw this set I was super excited.  I had been finding pieces that were mismatched or extremely expensive.  This set was $198.  Yep. 198.00 for the whole 4-piece set.  Winning!  I would only have to buy new cushions because this set didn’t have any.  No worries I thought, then I can find the exact pattern and color I want.

‘No worries’ was wrong.  way wrong.  After several stores and a few returns later I realized this was going to be quite a challenge.  Most cushions are made to fit seats 18″ deep.  These chairs were 24″ deep.  Crap.  Where in the world am I going to find 24″ cushions???  And, as you can see they were going to need to be at least 4″ thick.

Well, it turns out that they aren’t super hard to find online, but they are expensive.  I was looking at several hundred dollars just in cushions.  I was second-guessing my decision to buy furniture several decades old now…but I figured I would try Target before ordering online.  The universe was smiling on me that day.  I found the four cushions I needed and they were obviously an online return. They look similar to these. I managed to get them all for around $200 (still a crazy rate for cushions but at this point, I was committed)  I’m not sure why they didn’t work for the person that returned them, but it was a lucky break for me!  They are super thick and a really nice tan/beige color so I can change up the throw pillows whenever I feel the need:).   I originally had my heart set on some cute flower green with yellow flowers to match the era, but I got over it.  I may have more luck finding that pattern to make some cute pillows for this set.  What do you guys think about these?:

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Do you love retro patio furniture as much as I do?  These are a couple of pieces I contemplated before finding the one I have now…


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