Atomic Chandelier DIY- For less than $35!

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I have grown to hate the 90’s chandelier I had picked for my house but thought I could spruce it up by painting it black (it was gold. EEK!) and taking off the glass floral sconces.  It was definitely better, but not great.  I went to Pinterest for some inspiration:

Pinterest inspiration chandelier

I bought some quilt rings and did a ‘test run’ on my existing chandelier:

Wooden quilt rings on the existing chandelier. Disney cookie jars in the background, LOVE THEM!

I took the quilt rings off, and because I’m lazy, painted them black to match the existing chandelier.   Notice the ugly curtains in the background?  Check out the new MCM privacy screens I made for those patio doors.

1st attempt painted black. Strike one.

After I had painted it black, It looked too ‘heavy’ and ‘in your face.’ I felt like it created a visual barrier in my open floor plan.  🙁 But, I would never have known that until I painted it and hung it back up.  Sometimes you just have to see something in the space you intend it, right? Luckily, I had a plan B.  I was either going to paint it white or a hammered metal pewter color.  After some consulting with my fabulous neighbor and DIY buddy, she said ‘NOT WHITE.’  ‘You have too much white.’  Alright, that’s probably true.  I paint a lot of things white.  Especially, after I thought about how I was going to make white privacy screens for the patio door right behind the chandelier;)  I decided the pewter color was the best option because it would help tie in the stainless appliances and hardware on the cabinets.

chandelier painted in Rustoleum hammered metal Pewter.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I LOVE the ‘atomic’ MCM vibe it gives, especially now that it’s silver.That ties in PERFECTLY with my retro mid-century theme I decorate in.  I love when things turn out better than planned (especially my DIY’s!)

Supply List:

Existing Kitchen Chandelier

Rust-Oleum 271481 Universal All Surface Spray Paint, 12 oz, Forged Hammered Antique Pewter

Wooden Quilt Rings



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