Double Duty: Dining Room doubles as an Office

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Double Duty: Dining Room doubles as an Office
I know I am not alone when it comes to needing furniture and spaces in my house to need to do ‘double-duty.’   I like the idea of a dining room to be used instead of a bedroom as an office because typically the dining room is not used every day, and you are in ‘the hub’ of the house.  I find that often using the ‘spare bedroom’ as an office is a pain because anytime you have guests you have to move your home office and are unable to use it while your guests are still visiting.  The dining room is close to where most family activities are (the kitchen) enabling you able to be able to still ‘supervise’ if needed while taking care of office projects. Having office supplies in the dining room is also a bonus because they won’t end up taking up space in the kitchen’s junk drawer!
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