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Martha Stewart Tag Sales and Flea Markets

While cleaning out my craft/linen closet and I stumbled upon some old DIY books.  The thought ‘these are outdated DIY ideas and that I should toss them in the donate bin,’ was quickly replaced by the thought, ‘These are Martha Stewart books, Martha is timeless!’. And thank goodness I listened to my second thought because this book is full of DIY gems!

Martha Stewart-Tag Sales and Flea Markets


I found a tutorial on etched glass, and it was like fate. Not that I haven’t heard about etching before, but her pic of etching flea market finds inspired me.  Aren’t they cute?

Martha Stewart-Tag Sales and Flea Markets

I have been searching for some reasonably priced midcentury tumblers with the letter ‘A’ on them and have not been having much luck.  Right now on my bar, I have two glasses that are a good shape and size that were free with a liquor purchase.  I decided to use them because if I messed them up, they were free so I wouldn’t be messing up something expensive.

Free Crown Royal glasses. (Click on pic for similar option)




passport size photos for the stencil. Find similar options by clicking on the photo.

I didn’t have the right style or size of stencils so I decided to find something on the internet.  After finding a pic and cropping it, I downloaded a passport app the resize the pic to the dimensions that would fit the glass.  I printed two to a piece of cardstock because printing a single out made the stencil too big.


4×6 size and passport photo size. Find similar stencils by clicking on the photo.












I taped the stencil a few times with some packing tape to make it a little thicker and then cut the letter ‘A’ out with an Exacto pen.  I had to add 2 pieces of tape to the middle of the section so it would stay in place.

I then taped the stencil on to the cup with packing tape.

Because the letter was so thin, I used a q-tip to apply the etching cream.

After I peeled off the stencil I had to fill in the spots where the tape kept the center of the ‘A’ in. I just carefully added more etching cream with a fresh q-tip.

The final product turned out pretty nice.  I put them back on the bar to dry so they wouldn’t accidentally get smudged. The product links for the other things in this pics, along with all the materials are listed below:)

Project List:

Martha Stewart Tag Sales and Flea Markets book

Drink glasses


Etching Cream

Cocktail Shaker

Stainless Steel Coasters


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