Mid-Century stereo cabinet redo for $27.33!


I picked this little gem up on Craigslist for $15.  I didn’t realize it had been gutted at the time but that ended up working out OK because I was just going to use it until I found a matching piece to the hutch I have in my kitchen.  Mid-Century Broyhill pieces aren’t as easy to find in the price range i’m willing to pay:)  Anyhoo, back to this piece.   Because I didn’t know how long I would be staring at this stereo cabinet I was going to use for a tv cabinet (because the search for a Broyhill piece is going on 2+ years)  I knew I would have to paint it.

20150717_215743634_iOSI am currently am decorating with accent colors of teal/turquoise, pink and a pinch of lime! green.  I searched a ton on Pinterest for inspiration an ended up deciding I would paint it primarily white with turquoise accents.  Another thing I knew would drive me crazy was the top only opened on the left had side.  I decided I would have to make the left side open too so.  It just makes sense if I am going to use it for storage and I would be having stuff on top and didn’t want to have to rearrange it every time I had to access something I had stored in the inside.


I first had to pop off the left hand side top of the cabinet.  The top was glued on so I used a flat head screwdriver and hammer to break the seal around the edge of the entire top.  After that, I screwed these hinges that I had left over from another project.


20150719_235105803_iOSI pulled off the speaker fronts and knobs and spray painted those in a color called: Lagoon from Rustoleum.

spray paint $3.87 (home depot)

I then painted the rest of the cabinet in Gloss white from Rustoleum.

rustoleum paint $8.46 (Home Depot)

this whole project ended up costing a total of 27.33!

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