Keurig re-do!


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A few years ago, I received this Keurig as a gift.


red keurig

It has been a great little machine, and I had no reason to buy another….except, my kitchen is not red.  There is pink, teal, blue and white.  No red.  I was a little nervous to try and paint it, even though I paint almost everything!  I think it was because it was an appliance. But, I decided once and for all, I was going to start tackling all my projects around the house I had been procrastinating on. So of course, the mood struck me one evening…


I had taped it up really well (so I thought)


So, I re-taped and gave it a second coat…. And, SUCCESS! Of course, I never know when to say when, so stay tuned to when I add the polka dots:)


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