Living and Dining Room Board and Batten DIY



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In my split level house, the living room and dining room share one long wall that has always been a point of contention. There is no definitive separation between the living and dining room space. In the last month, I finally settled on board and batten. I figured if I couldn’t ‘separate’ them, I could at least add some interest. I previously put some in my entry and was very pleased with the results. Here is the ‘before’ pics after I hauled the wall panels up a flight of stairs and put them up against the wall to get them out of way.

The panels are available in 4×8 panels for 13.98 at Lowes. I needed 3 full panels plus another 40″ piece. I was lucky enough to have a leftover piece that almost fit perfect so I didn’t have to buy another full panel. I spaced the panels out enough that they filled the entire wall and were still close enough for the gaps to be completely hidden behind the vertical 1×3 pieces.

I had 3 electrical outlets I had to measure for and cut out. That was actually easier than I thought it was going to be and all the measurements actually worked out the first time, lol! I used a Ryobi multi-tool saw with the straight edge blade and it was really fast and easy to use.

After I got the outlets cut out, I nailed up the panels with a Ryobi nail gun and attached the vertical 1×3’s in-between each panel to cover the gaps. This is when things got a little tricky. Because of the panel sizes and where they lined up, I wouldn’t be able to space all the vertical pieces in equal spacing because of the scrap piece of panel, but they were all pretty close and visually look the same distance apart. The scrap piece ended up having the vertical 1×3’s 15 inches apart and the full-length panels had the vertical 1x3s 16 inches apart.

After putting up all the vertical 1×3’s, I moved on to the horizontal ‘header pieces. I was able to buy a 12’ piece which made putting it up really fast. After that came the 1×2 piece to finish it off and add a small ‘shelf’. I liked this piece because it made it look really finished. You could do a 1×3 if you wanted a wider ‘shelf’ option for pictures or other ‘knick-knacks’.

After that point, it’s patching the nail holes and painting. I also painted above the board and batten ‘Dovetail’ by Behr.


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