Sliding screens for kitchen window

sliding screens for kitchen window

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Remember these sliding screens for my patio doors?


I loved the finished product so much, I had to make a matching set for my kitchen window.  Because I’m matchy-matchy like that.  😉

sliding screens for kitchen window
sliding screens for kitchen window, decorated for Halloween!


kitchen window after taking down blinds and valance. Like the beadboard on the cabinet?  Check out that DIY post!

This window is on the same wall as my sliding glass door I made the screens for.  I used to have a valance and wood blinds, but it didn’t fit the ‘clean design’ I was wanting for my kitchen.  The blinds were a pain to clean, and were always dusty, even after I figured out if you unclip them, and throw them into a Jacuzzi tub with bleach, turn the jets on and they get clean without the effort.  (I actually used to take all my blinds down in the living room and kitchen, and throw them all into the tub at once, add bleach, turn on jets, and BOOM! clean blinds.)  I knew once I made the sliding glass screens, I would HAVE to make matching kitchen window screens.


I was easily able to mimic the same design I used with the sliding glass window screens.  I used all the same hardware (4 L-brackets and 4 mending brackets on each panel, washers and small screws to secure the screen to the back of the frame and the closet door track)

This turned out really well IMO 🙂 Please comment below with any questions or comments!




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