Stock oak kitchen cabinets to white beadboard cabinets!

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Kitchen cabinets-before


We, like many other people who built a ‘stock’ subdivision house in the ’90’s, have the standard oak kitchen cabinets: attempted to pacify myself by adding some stainless hardware to update them, but in my heart, I had always wanted white kitchen cabinets.  For years, I had thought about painting them, but I was scared.  I knew I couldn’t go back from that if I attempted painting them and ruined them.  I did NOT want to have to replace them because as we all know, kitchen cabinets are EXPENSIVE!  even the ‘cheap’ ones.  Also, I knew I would never hear the end of it from my husband because he thought the cabinets were ‘fine’.  I eventually decided if I could talk a friend of ours into spraying the cabinet doors with his paint sprayer, I could handle painting the rest.  I ‘researched’ Pinterest for months.  I finally decided on putting beadboard on the fronts of the cabinet doors too.


I measured all the doors so that I could have my favorite people at Home Depot (I am not getting paid by Home Depot to shop there or say how wonderful they are:) cut the piece of beadboard to the dimensions I needed. I had several measurements for all the different size doors and mapped it out so I would only have to buy two pieces of beadboard. There were a few moments of panic, when I thought I had the beadboard going in a different direction (horizontal instead of vertical) and I did have to make more than one trip to Home Depot.  After getting all of the beadboard cut, I glued it to the fronts of the cabinets with construction adhesive but didn’t realize that it would expand. Of course, I didn’t have clamps to clamp the beadboard to the fronts of the cabinets like a very smart person would.  LOL. so, I had to improvise.

2013-09-12-11-38-03 2013-09-12-11-38-10

After gluing the fronts to the cabinets, I sent them with my friend and got to work on the rest of the cabinets:


Yes, I know the kitchen is a mess.  I’m a messy DIY’er.  I used a satin ‘cabinet’ no drip paint from Home Depot.  My friend (whom is smarter than I am) told me he used a water based polyurethane as a top coat to keep them cleaner and help the finish stay nice, and it works like a dream.  I applied it to the fronts of the cabinets too.

The final product actually turned out better than I had hoped!


Sorry, the pictures are blurry.  I need to start using a real camera, and not my phone:)



-Cabinet paint

-Adhesive glue

-two weekends




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