World Market Ashlyn Shelf *Hack*

MCM shelf hack-inspoI had been searching for an open-backed mid-century modern shelving unit but could not find what I wanted for what I was willing to spend. I had found one I really liked, but it was close to $800:

After waaaayy too many hours of searching for a similar, cheaper reproduction, I found this one at World Market. This shelf was perfect except for the fact it was about 12″ shorter than I wanted.  After studying the shelf and looking at the manual, I thought I would take a chance and order two shelves in the hopes that I could ‘add’ an extra shelf from the second Ashlyn shelf.  It looked like the pre-drilled holes should line up so I crossed my fingers and waited for them to arrive.  

When the shelves arrived I decided I would have to fully assemble one bookshelf according to the directions and then unassemble the top shelf (panel ‘A’) to add another ‘middle shelf’ (panel ‘C’) where the top panel A was.  That explanation was as clear as mud, wasn’t it?  Let me show you pics to clarify.  The shelves are labeled in the instructions included with the shelves. 

The panel standing up all the way to the right is ‘panel A’  I just removed. It’s the original top.  It will be added back on in a few steps. I left the 3 vertical ‘B’ panels on.

I added ‘panel C’ to the top of the 3 vertical ‘B’ panels, added 3 more vertical  ‘B’ panels to the newly added ‘panel c’, I then reattached the top shelf, ‘panel A’.  


The remaining pieces; 4-legs, 3-vertical ‘B’ panels, 1-wood rail, Bottom panel ‘D’, and top panel ‘A’ will all fit together with the remaining hardware to make a bench with storage or long narrow coffee table.  I also think it would look good at the end of the bed or in the entryway.



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